Wednesday 19 January 2005

I was devastated to discover my most prized fish, conspicuous angelfish, Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus, had died. These are rare fish even to purchase and I had caught mine in May 2004.

I had fed the fish at around 4pm and the angelfish was fine. I returned to the tank at around 6pm and the angelfish was not to be seen. After searching the tank with a torch I found the fish in the rockwork being held by a crab. I quickly moved the rocks and removed the fish but it was already dead. There were no marks on it at all and I don't believe the crab was responsible for its death. I do not know why the fish died. Since its death I had heard of other fish, including angelfish, dying from getting food stuck in their throats, blocking water flow to the gills. It is quite possible the fish died from something similar as I had only just fed it when I last saw it alive.

Up until its death, the conspicuous angelfish had been doing very well. It was only 15mm long when I caught it but had grown to over 80mm at the time of its death. Its coloration had changed quite a lot in the short time it was in my care.

I hope one day to catch another one of these rare and beautiful fish.