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Dive Details



01 March, 2013


10:37am - 11:39am


Dive 31 and final dive of the Raja Ampat trip in February 2013 on board the S/Y Indo Siren. This was our second visit to Cape Kri.

This had all the makings of being an absolutely fantastic dive. Unfortunately, my mask fogged up. I managed to partially clean the left lens and I was able to use the viewfinder of my camera with my left eye but it was a real struggle. To make things worse there was a weird current running vertically up the reef slope interrupting my buoyancy. I was not having fun.

Despite the struggles, there were a lot of cool things to see. Sheree found a yellow H. bargibanti, an urchin clingfish, a robust ghost pipefish and a Pontoh's pygmy seahorse.


Sheree Papuni


Strong current


20-30 metres


62 minutes

Maximum depth

21.1 m

Average depth

14.5 m

Water temperature



Dive Profile from Citizen Hyper Aqualand

Camera gear


Nikon D7000


Nikon AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D


Ikelite 6801.70

Lens port

Ikelite Flat Port 5502.41


2 x Ikelite SubStrobe DS161


Depth information, where present, indicates the depth of the camera when the photograph was taken and can be used to approximate the depth of the subject.

Polyclad flatworm. 21 m.

Nudibranch, Phyllidia varicosa. 19.9 m.

Sea slug, Sagaminopteron ornatum. 20.2 m.

Nudibranch, Chromodoris geometrica. 15 m.

Pygmy seahorse, Hippocampus bargibanti (yellow variant). 17.4 m. This is not a particularly good photo but I'm putting here because Sheree spotted it. I couldn't get a good shot because of my fogged mask.

Urchin clingfish, Diademichthys lineatus. 15.4 m.

Robust ghost pipefish, Solenostomus cyanopterus. 16.1 m.

Nudibranch, Nembrotha milleri. 13.4 m.

Nudibranch, Flabellina rubrolineata. 14 m.

Pontoh's pygmy seahorse, Hippocampus pontohi. 16.7 m.

Nudibranch, Hypselodoris emma. 14.9 m.