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Saturday 19 November 2016


9:59am - 11:31am


It looked quite rough at The Leap despite the forecast of only moderate southerly swell. I was told it was a little rough at The Steps, too. A couple of other divers decided to try for The Monument but I was still keen for The Leap as this would be my only chance this weekend.

There was too much water coming in over the low platform so I slid down the wall. It was quite choppy on the surface but the water looked quite clear. I descended and the surge at 5 metres near the shore was quite strong. As I swam towards the sand line at around 30° the surge lessened and was replaced by a fairly strong incoming tidal current. At the sand line the visibility was over 10 metres and while there was surge it was fairly gentle. The temperature was around 18°. I turned left and headed towards The Steps.

I followed the sand line with occasional excursion up the reef to check out any sponges I could see. The great visibility made this possible. I spotted the first weedy seadragon just past Seahorse Rock. It was the one with the cut first appendage. I spotted a second one in front of Bent Stick Rock. There was a third one, a male with eggs, just beyond Bent Stick Rock.

In Seadragon Alley I spotted a male weedy seadragon that looked like he'd recently had eggs and then another with eggs..

I swam past Big Rock. I checked out Hand Rock and surrounding rocks for pygmy pipehorses but found none. I then spotted a male weedy seadragon without eggs and I followed it up to High Pygmy Rock. While I was there I did a quick look for pygmy pipehorses but still found none.

I descended to the sand line and continued. I spotted a male weedy seadragon with eggs just in front of the rock where "Lee", the little yellow painted anglerfish had been. At Basket Star Rock I cut in to the rock with the Miamira magnifica nudibranchs but neither were there. The basket star was at its new location.

I cut back to the sand line and found another weedy seadragon before Diversity Rock. Near Diversity Rock I found a small Miamira magnifica nudibranch. I had a quick look at Diversity Rock for pygmy pipehorses before continuing along the sand line to The Steps. I saw nothing of interest for the rest of the dive. At The Steps I ascended to Split Rock and did my safety stop before exiting at The Steps. The exit was very easy and I pretty much got my fins off and just stood up.


Choppy but slight under the water


10-20 metres


92 minutes

Maximum depth

22.0 m

Average depth

16.1 m

Water temperature



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