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Saturday 11 February 2017


6:18pm - 8:01pm


My mandatory dive this weekend was at Bare Island. I had planned a twilight dive at Kurnell but my buddy was sick so I came to Bare Island on the hottest February Sydney day on record. The car park was full and I had to wait for 15 minutes to get a park.

I jumped in on the northern side of the island just to the west of the ramp (my usual spot). I surface swam a short way before descending. The visibility only looked to be around 3 metres but it was difficult to tell as the Sun was low in the sky. I swam along the sand to the outboard motor and up over the ledge in front of the boulders. I looked for the pygmy pipehorse I'd found on Thursday but couldn't see it.

I swam down the slope slowly, looking for pygmy pipehorses along the way. I went out to the rock above the rock with the Coscinaraea mcneilli colony to see if the little pygmy and large angler that Kim found were still there. The angler was there and I found a small pygmy pipehorse but I don't think it was the same one. I also looked on the rock with the <>C. mcneilli colony for the little pink pygmy I saw on Thursday but couldn't find it.

I went slightly further down the slope to the rock where Kim had found the bright pink female pygmy pipehorse and I'd found it's mate. They were both still there.

I swam to the rock before Juvy Rock where Kim had pointed out a white pygmy, but spotted a small juvenile on the adjacent rock. I then found the white male and a pinkish female nearby.

I started to look for the great seahorses. The female was not at the base of Juvy Rock. I headed over to where I'd last seen the male and found him on a chimney sponge on the same rock I'd seen him on Thursday. I swam around trying to find the female and eventually found her on the other side of Juvy Rock from where she'd been on Thursday.

I looked over Juvy Rock for pygmy pipehorses and found two small ones near each other. I then headed back up the slope.

I stopped at the rock with the white male and reddish female and also the pink juvenile on the adjacent rock. I then stopped at the next pair: bright pink female and drab male.

At the rock with the C. mcneilli colony I spotted a small pygmy pipehorse and a dwarf lionfish. I swam to the next rock to discover there were two striped anglers, the other one was quite a bit smaller. I also found a second small pygmy pipehorse, I suspect it was the one from Thursday.

I headed to the top of the slope and started to look for the pygmy pipehorse I'd seen on Thursday and found a pair. I will have to check my photos to see if one was the one from Thursday. All in all I'd seen 12 pygmy pipehorses, plus the two seahorses, 2 anglers and a dwarf lionfish.

I started my safety stop and swam to the exit, getting out where I got in. It was still light.




2 to 3 metres


102 minutes

Maximum depth

13.4 m

Average depth

10.4 m

Water temperature



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