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Saturday 29 April 2017


6:04pm - 8:10pm


Camp Cove looked nice and flat when I got in at the beach. The water looked very clear. I descended and saw the visibility was around 5 metres and the temperature was around 20°C. There was a gentle surge which wasn't obvious from the surface.

I headed to the right and spotted a rock flathead almost immediately. I then found a bright orange flatworm, the first of many I would see on the dive. There were two White's seahorses in one of the stands of sargasm weed.

I stuck to the right hand side as I moved north along the reef. I spotted a very large southern calamari squid which swam with me for some time. It was old and had white patches where it had lost flesh. I also saw a giant cuttlefish around 20cm long.

I turned around at the large rock wall and headed back along the reef. I came across a large hermit crab dragging a smaller one across the sand. After passing the pile of rocks I swam through the seagrass bed. I spotted a southern dumpling squid in the seagrasses.

I followed the seagrass bed all the way to the beach and then followed the one that is parallel to the beach. I turned, came back parallel to the beach and then around the corner again to the pile of rocks. From here I headed out to the wide seagrasses. I went out on to the sand and spotted a striped pyjama squid mostly buried in the sand. I played with it for a while before moving on. I then spotted a second one, although it could have been the first again.

I spotted a blue-lined octopus in the seagrasses. It was making its way through the seagrasses. I then spotted a tiny squid which I tried to photograph. It attached itself to a blade of seagrass and I realised it was the elusive southern pygmy squid. Even though the surge was gentle, the seagrass kept moving and the small size of the squid make photography difficult and I lost it before I got a photograph.

As i was swimming back towards the beach I saw a snake eel completely out of its burrow swimming around like a sea snake. I figured as it was out I'd have a good opportunity to photograph it but as I got closer it reversed into its burrow and I only managed to snap a quick shot of it retreating before it was completely gone.

At the beach I spotted a tiger pipefish and finally a red-lined bubble snail. From here I swam up the beach and got out.


Slight surge


5 metres


126 minutes

Maximum depth

4.3 m

Average depth

3.0 m

Water temperature



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