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Friday 28 July 2017


8:54am - 10:42am


After the poor conditions I experienced at The Monument on Sunday I waited until Friday to dive again hoping that a few days of slight to moderate seas would improve things. I had planned to come later for a single dive but I woke up early and arrived 2 hours earlier than planned to give me time for a second dive if I felt so inclined. It was very calm at both The Steps and The Leap so entry/exit would not be a problem. It even looked reasonably clear from the top of the stairs at The Leap.

I got in from the low platform that had water gently washing over it. From the surface the visibility did not look all that great. I doubt it was even 5 metres and there was a lot of particulate matter. I descended and headed at 60° to the sand line arriving at the Amphitheatre. Visibility was only around 3 metres and water temperature was between 17 and 18°C. There wasn't much surge but the tidal current was very strong. I turned left and headed towards The Steps.

I swam along the sand line but spotted nothing remarkable. I went past Seahorse Rock and on to Bent Stick Rock. I didn't see the juvenile weedy seadragon which is normally before Bent Stick Rock. I looked at the rock below and after Bent Stick Rock for the Ceratosoma brevicaudatum nudibranch but couldn't find it. The strong current made searching difficult. I went around the corner looking for the weedy seadragon that is usually there but couldn't see it. I then looked back to where I'd just been and saw it at the edge of the rock below Bent Stick Rock. I don't know how I missed it.

Before I got to Southern Cross Rock I found the juvenile weedy seadragon and other on the sand. At Southern Cross Rock I found the little pink male pygmy pipehorse in the Carijoa colonies and after a bit of hunting I also found the yellowish male. Just before the start of Seadragon Alley I spotted another weedy seadragon.

I swam through Seadragon Alley without seeing any weedy seadragons until the very end where I spotted 2 near where the red widebody pipefish with the parasite has been. I also found the two pygmy pipehorses that I first saw Monday of last week. I then looked for the red widebody pipefish with parasite but it was no longer there. I started looking around the nearby algal clumps but couldn't find it. I checked more as I headed towards Big Rock and found it 5 to 10 metres farther along.

On my way to Big Rock I found another weedy seadragon. At Big Rock I looked for the angler we saw on Monday last week but could not find it. I check the rock it was on and a number of rocks around the area to no avail.

I swam past Big Rock and checked the rock below Hand Rock where I found a pygmy pipehorse on the side of the rock. I then checked out Slope Rock and after much searching found a pygmy pipehorse. I couldn't find the large pink male nor the small pink male I'd found last week.

I headed along the top of the reef until Miamira Rock. I looked for the grey red-fingered angler we'd seen recently but I couldn't find it. I then looked for the two red widebody pipefish where we'd last seen them but I couldn't find them.

I was running low on air because of the time I'd spent in deeper water (and I needed to pee) so I headed for the boulders and started my safety stop as I swam to Split Rock. I finished my safety stop at Split Rock and then headed for the exit. I surfaced just outside the exit point and swam through on the surface. The wind had picked up but it was still quite calm and the exit was easy.


Some surge


3 to 5 metres


107 minutes

Maximum depth

21.6 m

Average depth

15.7 m

Water temperature



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