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Saturday 5 August 2017


8:44am - 10:16am


After yesterday's early morning dive was so good I thought I'd do it again today, rather than waiting until the afternoon and the incoming tide.

We parked at The Steps, geared up, walked down the stairs and along the shore to The Monument. We got in right on the point and surface swam out to the edge of the kelp before descending. The visibility was not all that great at only around 3 metres and it was cold, close to 15°C. There was no surge which was something.

We swam along the reef to the top of the North-South wall and then down the wall. We came to Four Pygmies Rock. I couldn't find any pygmies on the main side of the rock but I did find one on the back side of the rock.

We continued on towards The Steps. Just before Split Rock I found a small pygmy on the rock I have often seen them before. We didn't see anything at Split Rock.

We swam up to Seahorse Rock. I found the male seahorse and Dama found the female. They were both on top of the rock. I swam over to the sand to see if the little dragonfish was still there. It was! This time I shot some video.

We headed back down the reef. I was hoping to find the grey red-fingered angler that Dama found last Sunday but I couldn't remember which rock it was on. I had a quick look on the sloping rock and the nearby rocks for pygmies. Dama found a pink pygmy on a nearby rock. At the Carijoa covered rock I found two pygmies, including the pink male.

We swam over to the back of the start of the Deep Wall to find the orange painted angler. Dama spotted it before I did and then found a pygmy on the adjacent rock. I found another pygmy on the lower side of that rock.

We continued on our way to The Steps along the Deep Wall. Visibility improved to around 5 metres. I found the grey red-fingered angler that Dama spotted last Sunday and Dama spotted the black painted angler under a sponge on the same rock. At the back of the end of the wall Dama spotted a Tambja tenuilineata. Just before block rock I found my little orange painted angler on its usual rock.

We then followed the sand line all the way to The Steps and saw nothing of note. As we approached The Steps we ascended to 5 metres along the boulders and started our safety stop. We waited at Split Rock before exiting at The Steps.


Dama Rodrigues




3 to 5 metres


92 minutes

Maximum depth

12.4 m

Average depth

9.6 m

Water temperature



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