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Thursday 24 August 2017


9:05am - 10:44am


This was my first dive at Kurnell after the rough weather from the weekend. I didn't know what to expect. It had been relatively calm on Tuesday and calm on Wednesday so I was hopeful for good conditions. I suspected that many of the regular animals may have been displaced by the surge but was hoping not.

I got in from the protected area about a third of the way to The Steps. I waded out to the edge of the shelf and was pleasantly surprised with the clarity of the water. I descended and swam to the sand line. Visibility was around 10 metres, there was hardly any surge and water temperature was just over 16°C. I turned left and headed towards The Monument.

As I approached Block Rock I noticed a weedy seadragon on the sand near the kelp. It was the female with previous damage to her dorsal area. While I was there the friendly blue groper came over to me and was then with me for the rest of the dive. I then went over to check on the little orange painted angler and was pleasantly surprised it was still there. The rough weather hadn't moved it.

I continued to the wall and found the black painted angler at the end of the rock it has been lately. I also found the grey red-fingered angler on the shelf on the wall. Just below the wall I spotted another weedy seadragon. This was the one with only one ventral appendage.

I swam over the wall to the other orange painted and found it at the north eastern end of its usual rock. I also found both the male and the female pygmy pipehorse on the adjacent rock.

I went down to Carijoa Rock and first found the cryptic female pygmy pipehorse and then the pink male. I headed up to Slope Rock and the nearby rocks. I looked for Dama's red pygmy and instead found a cryptic female. I headed a little way to the south and found the red male pygmy that Mike had found a couple of weeks ago. I went back to Slope Rock and found a small male pygmy.

I headed up to Seahorse Rock and found the two spindle cowries and the male White's seahorse. I couldn't find the female. I found the little dragonfish on the sand near Seahorse Rock. I went up to the Capnella colonies and found both egg cowries before coming back to spend my remaining time with the little dragonfish.

I was low on air at this point and so headed for the exit. I did a short safety stop and then swam into the little bay to the south east of the point. The exit was easy.


Gentle surge


5 to 10 metres


98 minutes

Maximum depth

13.2 m

Average depth

9.8 m

Water temperature



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