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Sunday 3 September 2017


8:03am - 9:33am


The forecast had said huge seas and diving was unlikely however the water was calm with almost no wind so we'd be able to dive. John was not feeling 100% and decided not to risk a dive in 13°C water. I'd be on my own but after diving here yesterday I knew I could dive safely. We had spoken with Ron at Diving Adelaide and he'd said that if we keep going along the sand line and around the corner we might see weedy seadragons so that was the plan for the dive.

I got in from the steps at the other end of the beach from the jetty and waded as far as I could along the beach before putting on my fins and surface swimming to the jetty. I stayed on the surface until I got around the corner (being careful to avoid the fishing lines). On the corner I descended and headed for the sand line. There was a bit more surge than yesterday and a lot more particulate matter (mostly sand) in the water column. It was below 13°C and I was so glad for my dry suit.

I followed the sand line to the west and was at first accompanied by a magpie perch for the first part of the dive. I wasn't sure if I'd see any leafy seadragons while swimming along the sand line but was pleasantly surprised when I saw one. I then saw another 5 or 6 before reaching the corner - indicated by a large boulder out on the sand as Ron had told us. I actually hut three of these boulders and the sand line veered a little to the right on each one until I was heading south. I had decided I'd turn at 120 bar but as I saw nothing in this direction I ended up turning at 140 bar.

I came back north along the sand line until I hit the boulders again and then followed the sand line around to the left eventually heading east again. After the boulders I started seeing leafies again, seeing a total of 4 on my way back.

When I got back to the jetty I stayed underwater and headed west across the bay over the seagrasses. I was hoping to see the cowfish again. I swam right across the bay and ended up north of the entry/exit and then had to swim south before I could get out. The tide had come up a bit since I started the dive but the exit was easy.




5 metres


90 minutes

Maximum depth

10.4 m

Average depth

7.6 m

Water temperature



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