Dive Details



Saturday 2 June 2018


7:56am - 9:32am


Yet another east coast low to start off June with big seas along the coast. The only places safe to dive are Shiprock and Clifton Gardens. Shiprock only has a small tidal window and could be crowded. Clifton Gardens can be dived any time so I arrived early to beat the crowds.

There was a bit of wind chop on the water and a small swell with a long period. The water looked clear so it was still good for a dive.

I got in at the beach and waded out to around 1.5 meters before descending. I then swam under the jetty and headed out to the end of the nets. The visibility was 3 to 5 metres but there was a lot of silt which was easily kicked up by the surge or by me. The water temperature was between 16 and 17°C and I was so glad I was in my drysuit. Swimming out was a little difficult because of the long period surge which felt like swimming into current.

I headed down the slope under the jetty. I pretty much went all the way to the bottom and then slowly made my way back up. Right near the bottom I spotted a pineapplefish under some debris. I had heard there was one around but I didn't realise it was under the jetty.

As I slowly moved up the slope I found a few White's seahorses, a few tiger pipefish and one girdled pipefish. Once I got near the top of the slope I headed west out over the sand.

I headed over the sand west pretty much to the line from the western end of the pool. I saw quite a few tiger pipefish and blennies in bottles. There were also many mourning cuttlefish.

I worked my way back to the jetty and was surprised there were no other divers there so I dived the jetty again, visiting the pineapplefish and more seahorses.

I did another pass across the sand to the west before swimming east again in front of the nets. I turned north at the corner and swam under the pier to the beach where I got out.


Slight chop


3 to 5 metres


96 minutes

Maximum depth

8.0 m

Average depth

5.3 m

Water temperature



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