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Wednesday 27 June 2018


8:30am - 10:06am


Today was my only chance for a midweek dive with work and other commitments. It would be on an outgoing tide but only just. There were a few large sets coming in at The Steps so we'd have to time our entry well.

We got in at The Steps between the large waves and swam out on the surface. We had swum out a fair way so that by the time we descended we were already at the sand/kelp line. Visibility was at least 5 metres but there was quite a bit of surge. The water temperature was between 17 and 18°C. We turned right and headed towards Big Rock.

I led the way and stayed just above the sand line so I could find the rock where I saw the orange red-fingered anglerfish on Saturday. It wasn't long before I recognised the rock it had been on and it was still more or less in the same location, albeit facing in the opposite direction. I took some photographs and pointed it out to Mike.

I left Mike photographing the anglerfish and continued on. I came to the rock with the pair of pygmy pipehorses, IL2018061401 and IL2018061402, also called "Di" and Noel". I looked over the rock and eventually found "Di" first and then "Noel". As I was photographing them, Mike swam up and I pointed them out to him.

I swam around the area of Di's Rock looking for the grey anglerfish. I wasn't able to find it but I did find a Nembrotha purpureolineata nudibranch. I'm sure I've seen on in this spot previously.

As we approached Little Big Rock I spotted a medium sized giant cuttlefish hiding near some kelp. Behind Little Big Rock I found the golden male pygmy pipehorse. I pointed him out to Mike.

I swam down to Little Big Rock and looked for the grey red-fingered anglerfish from Saturday. It wasn't in the spot it had been and I wasn't able to find it on Little Big Rock. I did find a weedy seadragon just near Little Big Rock.

I continued on to Diversity Rock and found my tiny orange painted anglerfish on the adjacent rock. I took a few photographs and moved on to Diversity Rock to look for the juvenile pygmy pipehorse that Mike had told me he'd found yesterday. Mike joined me in the search. I was looking all over Diversity Rock and I noticed Mike was concentrating in one area. I looked in that area and spotted the tiny pygmy (IL2018062701) and pointed it out to Mike. As I was photographing the pygmy pipehorse, Mike went back to the tiny painted anglerfish.

I swam up to the basket star in its new location near Diversity Rock. Mike swam up to New Basket Star Rock (which no longer has a basket star). As I caught up to him he pointed out a grey red-fingered anglerfish.

We slowly made our way past Sponge Hollow and on to the rock with the one-eyed seahorse. I was looking for pygmy pipehorses along the way but found none. I found the one-eyed seahorse on the eastern side of the rock. I pointed her out to Mike.

We swam on to Big Rock. I looked for but didn't find any pygmy pipehorses along the way or on Big Rock itself. I looked in all the usual places.

We turned around and headed back to The Steps. Just after we'd past Slope Rock, Mike indicated he was going to go shallower. I stayed mid reef and headed back to New Basket Star Rock and the grey anglerfish.

I continued on to Diversity Rock via the basket star and took some more photographs of the tiny pygmy pipehorse.

I swam past the tiny painted anglerfish and on to the golden male pygmy pipehorse behind Little Big Rock. George, PJ and Roney swam up.

I headed for Di's Rock and had another look for the grey anglerfish. I swam on to the rock where "Di" and "Noel". For some reason PJ followed me to the rock so I pointed out the pygmies to him.

I swam on to the orange red-fingered anglerfish near the sand line and then headed for the boulders.

I ascended to 5 metres and as I ascended I started my safety stop. I hit 5 metres right near the colonies of Plesiastrea. I swam to Split Rock where I finished my safety stop. I swam underwater to the exit. It looked quite rough and there was a bit of undercurrent as I swam into the gap but it was actually a very easy exit.


Mike Scotland




5 to 8 metres


95 minutes

Maximum depth

14.6 m

Average depth

11.3 m

Water temperature



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