Dive Details


Logged dive number



Saturday 23 March 2019


9:29am - 10:36am


Cordelia Hough, Lucy Lugton




10 to 20 metres


67 minutes

Surface interval

6 days 18:30 (days hh:mm)

Maximum depth

14.7 m

Average depth

11.3 m

Water temperature



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Today I was taking Cordelia and Lucy for a dive. I took Cordelia and her partner, Rob, for a dive a year ago and it had taken until now for me to take her again. Lucy was keen for a dive in Sydney, too.

The reports of the conditions were excellent with warm and clear water. It should be a great dive.

We got in at The Steps and when we were ready we descended to the boulders. We went slowly as Cordelia wasn't sure if she'd have ear problems but she was fine. The visibility was well over 10 metres and up to 20 metres. The water temperature was around 23°C. There was barely any surge.

We swam down to the rocks in front of the exit/entry. I looked carefully on them for small Red-fingered Anglerfish but could not find any.

We headed along the sand line towards Little Big Rock. We passed the rock where the other Pot-bellied Seahorses used to be and just on the other side I spotted a Guenther's Butterflyfish which I photographed for Australasian Fishes.

We continued along the sand line and I looked into the hole where the pipefishes have been. One of the Sawtooth Pipefish was there. I tried to point it out to the girls but it was at the back of the hole and it was too difficult to explain what they were looking at.

We headed to the rock where the large yellow Red-fingered Anglerfish usually hangs out. It was in its usual spot. I took some photographs and pointed it out to the girls. I'm not sure they actually saw it because its camouflage is so good.

Red-Fingered Anglerfish, Porophryne erythrodactylus. 13.2m.

We swam to Little Big Rock. I looked for Dama & Roney's Sawtooth Pipefish but I fear they have now gone. I spotted "David", the Pot-bellied Seahorse, in the purple sponges on the side of the large rock up behind Little Big Rock. I also spotted "Petra" on one of the red chimney sponges. I pointed the seahorses out to the girls.

We headed to Diversity Rock and then up to the basket star. Cordelia spotted a small Giant Cuttlefish under the ledge near the basket star. I looked around for the white Red-fingered Anglerfish and was surprised to spot it next to the sea tulips near where the Miamira sinuata nudibranch had been.

Red-Fingered Anglerfish, Porophryne erythrodactylus. 13.1m.

We continued to Big Rock. I looked on Hand Rock for the little female pygmy pipehorse. I found it on the top under the hand sponge on the Big Rock end of the rock. I took some photographs and pointed it out to Cordelia. Cordelia spotted a green moray a couple of rocks father along.

We swam up to see George's orange Red-fingered Anglerfish behind Big Rock. I looked in the underside of the rock but could not see it. I then looked on top and still couldn't find it. I found out later that it was out in the open on the rock so I'm not sure how I missed it.

I went down to Big Rock and looked for the pygmy pipehorses near sea tulips. I found a male but could not find any others. I pointed it out to Cordelia and Lucy.

We headed to the top of the reef and started our way back to The Steps. I spotted a Weedy Seadragon. It appeared to be a female. She was a bit shy but I managed to get ID photographs.

We swam back via the basket star near Diversity Rock and the seahorses behind Little Big Rock.

We stayed high and we swam past Di's Rock. I looked for the orange anglerfish I'd seen on Di's Rock a couple of weeks ago but it wasn't there. I checked the next couple of rocks and found it tucked in under the edge of one of the rocks. I pointed it out to the girls.

Red-Fingered Anglerfish, Porophryne erythrodactylus. 11.8m.

We continued along the top of the reef. The visibility was so good I could see right down to the sand line. We were in line with the rocks where the other seahorses had been. I checked out two large rocks on the way to the boulders and spotted a small orange Red-fingered anglerfish on the second of the rocks. It was quite obvious. I pointed it out to the girls.

Red-Fingered Anglerfish, Porophryne erythrodactylus. 10.1m.

We headed to the boulders and ascended to 5 metres. We started our safety stops as we swam to Split Rock. We finished our safety stops at Split Rock and then swam to the exit. I told the girls to go to the surface and I swam underwater to the exit, got out, put my gear down and came back to help them out.

Camera gear


Nikon D500


Nikon AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED


Ikelite 6812.5

Lens port

Ikelite Flat Port 5502.41


2 x Ikelite SubStrobe DS161