Dive Details


Logged dive number



Thursday 17 June 2021


11:21am - 1:21pm


Moderate current and slight surge


10 to 20 metres


120 minutes

Surface interval

2 days 23:55 (days hh:mm)

Maximum depth

15.0 m

Average depth

11.9 m

Water temperature



Dive Profile from Garmin Descent Mk1

Tides at Botany Bay AEST

Note that tides at dive site may vary from above location.














Once again Sydney was going to be hit by big seas with the forecast for 5-6 metres on Saturday. Hopefully, it would be like last time without a huge amount of impact. Today would be my last chance to dive before the big seas and I was eager to make use of the great conditions we'd had last weekend and on into the week. The tides were also perfect for a late morning dive meaning I didn't have to get up early and had reasonable traffic.

The Steps looked great from the surface and probably even better than they had been on Monday (when I dived The Leap). The water looked clear and the surface was calm.

I jumped in and surface swam along the shoreline to just past the large light coloured rock. It was an easy swim as the breeze seemed to push me along. I descended to the edge of the boulders. The visibility was way over 10 metres and perhaps 20 metres. The water temperature was around 17°C. There was a slight current with the outgoing tide and almost no surge.

I stayed fairly close to the boulders and headed towards the rock where the Tabmja verconis nudibranchs had been. Along the way I checked the red algae for pipefish. I got to the rock and looked all over it for the nudibranchs. Again, I could not find them. I'd seen them on Saturday but couldn't find them on Sunday, even though Kathy and Wilson saw one of them not long after me on Sunday.

I headed towards Big Rock and checked on the Red Wide-bodied Pipefish near there. She was still there and has not yet attracted a mate. I wonder if she'll still be around after the rough seas.

I decided to go and visit Jess, the Pot-bellied Seahorse. I headed towards her spot and realised the current was a but stronger than slight. It wasn't difficult swimming into but it also wasn't nothing. I hadn't gone far when I spotted a large juvenile Weedy Seadragon. It was the same one I'd spotted 4 weeks ago in the same area.

As I got close to Jess's Rock I spotted Stumpy, the Weedy Seadragon with the short tail. I usually seem him in this general area but I did spot him near Little Big Rock around 5 weeks ago.

I spotted Jess on top of her rock. I looked around to see if there were any males there yet but could not see any.

I headed back to Big Rock. I looked for Weedy Seadragons along the way. I stopped at the solitary female Red Wide-bodied Pipefish next to Big Rock.

I headed along the reef towards Little Big Rock. I stopped at the rock with the juvenile pygmy pipehorse. It took me a little bit to find them but I eventually did.

I continued past Long Rock and then two rocks last that to the rock where I have been seeing a female pygmy pipehorse. She'd moved slightly since the weekend but was still in the same general area on the rock.

I followed the sand line to the spot I'd last seen the Bent Stick Pipefish. They were still in the same area they have been for the last few weeks. I wonder if they will get moved on by the rough seas. I'd accidentally kicked up a bit of sand so I moved on to the male Red Wide-bodied Pipefish and would come back once the sand settled.

A few metres on I found the solitary male Red Wide-bodied Pipefish in on of his algae. He has a few algae that he moves between. I took some photographs and then went back to the Bent Stick Pipefish for some photographs before taking some more of the Red Wide-bodied Pipefish.

I headed up to the rock where the two pink pygmies had been and looked for the small female I have been seeing of late. I found her.

I swam over to the basket star at their new location and spotted a small octopus in a hole below them.

I dropped back to the sand line and headed towards Little Big Rock. I was hoping to see the adult and juvenile Weedy Seadragons I have been seeing between Diversity Rock and Little Big Rock. I spotted one of the adults (the one without the snout appendage) and then the juvenile. I don't know where the adult with the snout appendage was.

As I approached Little Big Rock I thought I saw some other divers so I avoided the Red Pipefish for now and swam up to Skye's Rock to check on the seahorses. I spotted Tiny Tim first on the side of the rock and then Little Richard in the sea tulips on the side of the rock. I couldn't see Helen so I swam around the rock. I finally spotted her in the sea tulips on the lower rock towards Little Big Rock.

After confirming there were no other divers around, I dropped down to the Red Pipefish. They were still in one of the red algae next to Little Big Rock. I managed to get some photographs.

I moved on to the rock where the pair of pygmy pipehorses had been but couldn't see them so I headed up the reef checking out a few rocks where I have previously seen pygmy pipehorses. As I was heading back towards the sand line I spotted a Weedy Seadragon. It was the one with the snout appendage.

I dropped down to the second Red Pipefish. It was still in the same alga.

I moved on to the solitary male Red Wide-bodied Pipefish that had moved from Little Big Rock. I took some photographs of him and then went back to the two Red Pipefish and got some more photographs of them. I took the opportunity to get some better photographs of the Weedy with the snout appendage. I also visited the seahorses again.

When I went back to the solitary male Red Wide-bodied Pipefish I spotted another Weedy Seadragon on the sand line.

I headed up to Lily's Rock. On the way I stopped at the alga where I spotted the juvenile Red Wide-bodied Pipefish last Monday. They were still there.

At Lily's Rock, I spotted Tom Thumb on the rock just below Lily's Rock. I looked all around the rock for Lily but could not find her. I also checked Di's Rock and the triangle area between Lily's Rock, Di's Rock, ad Noel&Di's Rock. This is the second dive that I have not been able to find her.

I headed to Noel&Di's Rock and spotted Cam in the sea tulips. I had another look for Lily but could not see her. I did spot a Dwarf Lionfish while I was looking. I looked in Pipefishes Hole but didn't see the Sawtooth Pipefish or the Banded Reef-goby.

I headed to and past Jodi's Rock. I saw no Weedy Seadragons on the way. I looked on the rock just beyond Jodi's Rock for the pygmy pipehorses I have been seeing there. I could not find the male or the female but I did find a pink juvenile.

I headed to the kelp and spotted PJ's baby Weedy Seadragon.

I continued to Baby's original location and spotted an adult Weedy Seadragon. I looked around the area but could not see Baby.

I headed a little further along and spotted Baby. Further again and I spotted two adults swimming near each other. I wonder if courting will be starting soon.

I was low on air but before heading for the exit I kept going to the area where I have seen one of the latest juvenile Weedies. I spotted them fairly close to where I saw them on Monday.

I headed for the boulders and ascended to Split Rock and started my safety stop. I finished my safety stop and swam underwater to the exit. The exit was calm and easy.