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Saturday 15 July 2017


6:24pm - 8:29pm


I got in at the beach and headed straight out on to the sand. Visibility was at least 5 metres and there was a gentle surge. Water temperature was around 17°C.

I headed for the eastern shoreline and followed it north to the pile of rocks. I then headed out through the sea grasses hoping to find some cephalopods. I found a small seahorse.

I came back to the rocks to the north of the pile of rocks. I went along some way before turning and heading south again. I spotted a blue-line octopus under a ledge and coaxed it out. It was quite playful and swam to the top of the rocks. I was able to take a few photos before it disappeared into a crack in the rocks.

I swam back around the pile of rocks over the sea grass beds and then followed the shoreline back towards the beach. When I was nearly at the beach I spotted a striped pyjama squid on a rock. I managed a few photographs before it buried itself in the sand.

I headed north again to see if the blue-lined octopus had reappeared. I couldn't see it in the crack but I also couldn't see it out and about.

I went back to the sea grass beds and looked for more cephalopods and then looked out on the sand. I gradually made my way back to the beach before heading north again to look one more time for the blue-lined octopus. This time I found it again and was able to spend a lot more time with it before it settled on a sponge and I left it alone.

I followed the rocks back towards the beach and made a few passes along the beach. I discovered another striped pyjama squid which I was able to photograph.

I made a few more passes along the beach before exiting.




5 metres


125 minutes

Maximum depth

4.0 m

Average depth

2.8 m

Water temperature



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