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Saturday 2 September 2017


8:46am - 10:19am


We awoke to calm conditions at Victor Harbor and through it would be best to dive at The Bluff Jetty again while we could but drive to Rapid Bay later in case conditions there had improved. We also knew from a brief chat with Ron at Diving Adelaide that the leafies were around the corner from the jetty so that was where we planned to go.

Conditions at the bay near the jetty were better than yesterday although the water didn't look as clear. We got in at the steps at the western end of the bay and waded as far as we could to the jetty before we hit the rocks. We then surface swam to the jetty avoiding the fishing lines. At the corner we descended and started swimming along the reef. I wasn't sure if we'd be more likely to see the leafy seadragons closer to the sand line or part way up the reef. I went with the latter and was thrilled to find a small one almost immediately. It was absolutely gorgeous but was missing the end of its tail.

A little further along I spotted a second leafy. This one was much bigger.

We continued along the reef but did not see any more leafies before we turned. We came back along the middle of the reef and I found what I believe is the same larger one.

As we approached the jetty, John spotted a medium sized giant cuttlefish hiding on the kelp. He played with it for a while before we continued to the jetty. I stayed underwater and swam across the bay over the seagrasses looking for the cowfish from yesterday but couldn't find them. I surface just to the east of the steps and waded out. John surface a little further east than me.


John Meredith




5 to 10 metres


92 minutes

Maximum depth

7.7 m

Average depth

4.3 m

Water temperature



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