Dive Details


Logged dive number



Sunday 15 December 2019


9:20am - 11:21am


Mike Scotland


Strong current at times and mild surge


10 to 15 metres


121 minutes

Surface interval

22:40 (hh:mm)

Maximum depth

15.1 m

Average depth

11.9 m

Water temperature



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Mike joined me today for my dive at The Steps. I was keen to revisit some of the fish I saw yesterday but also to look for more. I had told Mike about the orange Red-fingered Anglerfish I'd found yesterday at the entry/exit and we knew of some other Red-fingered Anglerfish. I also wanted to look for more pygmy pipehorses.

We jumped in at The Steps and swam out on the surface. We descended to the kelp. The visibility was at least 10 metres and the water temperature around 19°C.

I navigated to the rock where I'd seen the orange Red-fingered Anglerfish and it was still in the same spot. I took some photographs and then pointed it out to Mike.

I headed to the sand line and headed to the rock where the Pot-bellied Seahorses had been this time last year. I spotted the orange Red-fingered Anglerfish there. Mike caught up to me and I pointed it out.

I continued along the sand line to Pipefishes Hole. There were no pipefishes visible in the hole. I spotted "Teardrop", the male Weedy Seadragon, by the kelp near the hole. He still has eggs.

I swam along the sand line to Little Big Rock and then up to the seahorses. I found "David" in the purple sponge and "George" low down on the rock where he often is. "Skye" was on the side of the rock.

We continued on towards the basket star. I spotted the black Painted Anglerfish. and stopped to take photographs. I pointed it out to Mike and swam to the basket star.

I dropped down to Diversity Rock and looked for the small Miamira magnifica nudibranch but couldn't see it. I then noticed a Eastern Fiddler Ray on the sand along from Diversity Rock and swam down to take photographs.

I caught up to Mike and we continued to the rock with the pair of pink pygmy pipehorses. The male was in his usual spot and the female was top of the rock.

I dropped down to the Doughboy Scallop and then up to the orange Red-fingered Anglerfish with eggs.

We then headed to Long Rock. I found the two males (one new) and two females (also one new). Mike left me at this point.

I swam on to Big Rock and looked for "Ouz", the yellow female White's Seahorse but couldn't find her.

I headed back to the orange anglerfish with eggs and looked for the eggs, but couldn't see them. I then went back to the pair of pink pygmy pipehorses to take more photographs.

From here I headed towards the shore and checked out some of the rocks on the sand on the top part of the reef. I spotted a Miamira magnifica nudibranch crawling across one of the rocks. It was moving quite fast.

I stayed along the top of the reef to the basket star and took a photograph or two of a Pygmy Leatherjacket.

I stopped at the black Painted Anglerfish before swimming to the seahorse for some more photographs. "George" hadn't moved but both "Skye" and "David" had.

I headed back along the top of the reef but dropped down to the rock where the Pot-bellied Seahorses had been last year to take some more photographs of the orange Red-fingered Anglerfish.

I then swam to the rocks in front of the entry/exit and the other orange anglerfish there. I was about to head to the boulders when I spotted two Striped Catfish so I took photographs of them.

I ascended to Split Rock and did my safety stop before swimming underwater to the exit.