Here are a few DIY or semi-DIY projects that I have written up.
     150W MH Not really a DIY project, but more an alternate source for lights for aquariums.
Backup Power This is a simple 12V battery backup power source for vital pumps in the event of a power failure.
Bulkhead Some modifications I made to the bulkheads on Reef 1 and Reef 2 to allow surface skimming despite having the bulkheads in the back pane of the tank.
Collecting The collection of fish in the Sydney area.
Collecting Seawater Some ideas on collecting your own seawater.
Cooling Fans The use of fans to help keep water temperatures down in warm weather.
Crushed Marble The use of crushed marble for substrates.
  Fluoro in Hood Adding fluorescent lights to a hood
Scraper A simple algae scraper made from electrical conduit and a razor blade
Single Fluoro A portable single tube fluorescent light - great as a temporary light while working on a hood.
Surge Device A surge device based on the design by Eric Borneman.
Water Pump A simple pump assembly that can be used for collecting seawater.

Other DIY projects can be found at:

Last updated: January 1, 2003